How GS Paytech Works

Fully Secured

Provide your business with the most
advanced technology payments process

Place the Transaction

The customer is about to complete a purchase. He can choose to pay with any kind of payment method.

Secure the Transaction

Paytech sends the payment request to the customer’s bank to check if there are sufficient funds in the account in order to complete the purchase. The bank than transmits a confirmation request to the credit card company and the transaction can now be completed.

Fraud Detection

Paytech is able to identify and eliminate suspicious or irregular transactions before completing them. By analysing those beforehand, it prevents you and your customers from being under the spotlight of the credit card companies, which are constantly looking for fraud.

Purchase Completed

After verifying that all the security requirements were measured, the transaction is good to go and the purchase may now be completed.

Connect Paytech with your POS and have it all in one place.